Gull Wing 90 (Till.I.Die. Co-Lab) (SOLD OUT)


The Gull Wing 90 is our latest creation coming out of our epic Co-Lab with Till I Die. This is a blended version of the PorkChop and Prospector. 

In the words of the Till I Die Crew: Not only do these skis look fresh, featuring our DeLorean graphic and a candied logo top sheet, but they absolutly rip. Plain and Simple. After several days of taking the Gull Wing 90s for a test drive, there isn't anything this ski can't do. Solid and stable at high speed thanks to the carbon fiber stringers set on 22 oz. fiberglass and responisve baboo core, they are also quick and poppy through the bumps.  The sidewall construction is incredible and they hold a solid edge on the hard stuff as well as a wide enough underfoot to crush though the crud.  This is easily one of the most fun skis we have in the quiver and definitely deserves the performance label we gave it.