Face Masks/Gaiters



Face Masks are all the rage these days so make sure you cover up with some STYLE. 

Facet Gaiters are a great way to cover your face when you're in a social setting and keeping your distance. 

They provide comfortable protection from the elements. Can be worn as a face covering, neck gaiter, headband and many other ways.

Use in the sun, sweat it out, and even get them salty!

Our Facet Gaiters are Machine washable and reusable. 

*Not only do they work great now - but they are even more AWESOME when ski season starts back up and you need a some protection from the winter elements. 


SIZE: 9.5” x 18”

FABRIC: 100% Microfiber Polyester

UPF 50+ Fabric: the Skin Cancer Foundation has recommended this type of fabric as a UV protectant (only for the areas it covers). 

4.1oz. Microfiber fabric is ultra soft, doesn't won’t cling and doesn't stretch out.

Hemmed edges prevent funky curling where you don't want it.